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A man hands pumps up an inflatable boat


Auto Marine Specialities for Marine Accessories in Calgary

Auto Marine Specialities services and sells a lot of motor and marine accessories. We are associated with brands to provide you with genuine marine accessories in Calgary and surrounding areas. You can rely on us to upgrade your boat with premium-quality accessories. We offer:


Auto Marine Specialities is an EZ loader trailer dealer in Calgary and surrounding areas.


Yamaha Outboard Motors Accessories

You can rely on us for the following accessories:

  • Boating Essentials

  • Covers

  • Fuel System

  • Props

  • Rigging

  • Shop

  • Trailering

  • Water Sports


  • Battery Chargers & Cables (40)

  • Storage/Trailering (31)

  • Tie Downs & Ropes (14)

  • Ropes (12)

  • Fuel Components (11)

  • Tiller Handles (9)

  • Fuel Water Separators (8)

  • Tools (8)

Stryker Inflatable Boat Accessories

We have a wide range of accessories for Stryker inflatable boats.

  • Travel cover

  • Best sellers

  • Bravo BTP two-stage 12v electro turbo pump

  • Stryker launching wheels – standard

  • Stryker launching wheels – dualies

  • Aerospace 303 protectant

  • Stryker boat cover

  • Stryker sunshade bimini

  • Scotty Baitcaster rod holder w/ mount

  • Scotty cup holder w/ mount and post mount

  • Scotty anchor lock w/ mount

  • Scotty fish finder base w/ mount

  • Scotty lake troller downrigger

  • Bags

  • Consoles

  • Parts

  • Pumps

  • Scotty

  • Seats

  • Trailers

  • Wheels

EZ Loader Trailers

We can supply parts and accessories adjustable parts:

  • Accessories and options

  • Bunks and rollers

  • Couplers & actuators

  • Hardware

  • Fenders

  • Frame/chassis

  • Hubs, brake components & sleeves

  • Lighting & wiring

  • Suspension components

  • Tires, wheels & carriers

  • Winches, bow roller & winch stands

  • Miscellaneous

  • Close out corner

For more information about the EZ loader accessories please visit this page.


Other Accessories

Airhead Sup Carrier

You have a paddle board but now what? One thing many riders don’t even think about prior to getting out to the water is how they are going to get there. Figuring out how to transport your paddle board can be difficult. However, we have created the Airhead SUP carrier to make this easier for you! Not only is this carrier extremely easy to use, comfortable and convenient but your SUP paddleboard will fit perfectly into it. There is even a place made just to hold your water bottle! If you own a surfboard or a kayak this carrier is great for transporting these, too!

  • Convenient, comfortable & easy to use

  • Integrated water bottle holder

  • Integrated mesh bag with D-rings to stow & attach to your board

  • Great for surfboards & kayaks too!


Aurora Marine Products

If you want the best product to clean your boat look no further!  Aurora Marine Cleaning Products will clean all boats from Inflatables, Aluminum to Fiberglass.


Bravo BP 12

The Bravo BP 12 High-Pressure Pump is the perfect solution for quickly inflating your raft or SUP board. Hook it up to a 12 volt battery and it puts out up to 15 psi air pressure.

  • Inflate and deflate quickly with this powerful 12 volt pump.

  • It’s easy to know exactly what pressure you have with the built-in 0-15 psi gauge.

  • 9 foot long battery cables and 6 foot air hose gives you good reach.

  • Eight valve adapters, including one specifically for the Leafield C7, links up to most common valves.

  • Pump, cables and hose fit in a handy zipper carry case, with shoulder strap.

Never operate Bravo with vehicle motor running – it can damage the pump due to a higher voltage output.


Bravo GE 10-8 12v Electric Pump

Scoprega’s  GE 10-8  12v electric pump will inflate and deflate your inflatable boat. Just set the pressure and start the motor, no more manual pumping.  It has analog dial with auto stop and it comes storage/carry bag.  Also comes with integrated battery version.

  • Large air flow: 450 l/min

  • Adjustable pressure up to 800 mbar (11.6 psi)

  • Suitable for inflatables with high pressure air floors

  • Low power consumption:

  • Power: 12 Volt DC

  • Draw: 13 Amp

  • No need for a special cable, just use the included alligator clips

  • Automatic: Automatic stop when the chosen pressure is reached

  • Complete with alligator connectors on 8′ – 8″ leads

  • Includes a 5′ 6″ air hose


Davis Standard Launch Wheels

Davis Wheel-A-Weigh standard launch wheels are portable and removable from the transom.  A pin on each pivot bracket lets you position the wheels up or down, or remove them completely for storage.

Wheel-A Weigh is mounted wide on the transom so the outboard motor can have clearance to load and unload.  In most cases, the boat can be operated without removing the wheels.

  • 10″ Inflatable Tires

  • For loads up to 220lbs

  • Weight: 9lbs

Note: This product is not designed to be towed behind a vehicle.


Davis Extra Duty Launch Wheels

Wheel-a-Weigh Extra Duty Launch Wheels are ideal for larger inflatable, aluminum or fiberglass small craft. The wheel frames locks into the up or down position with stainless steel detent pins which can be removed quickly and easily. In most cases, the craft can be operated in the wheels-up position.  All Wheel-a-Weigh components are made of stainless steel, except for the precision molded wheel hubs and rubber tires.

  • Curved Wheel Frames:These pivot under the transom in the down position, distributing loads forward and providing better balance. This eases transportation on sand or hard surfaces.

  • Roller Needle Bearings:Located between the hub and axel, these bearings provide smoother wheel rotation under load.

  • Weight capacity is 330 lbs. 

Note: This product is not designed to be towed behind a vehicle.



Two applications in one.

It’s a simple idea, but very effective. Now your cleat can hold your fishing rod, mobile phone, drink, navlight, or anything else that a RAILBLAZA accessory can hold.

The cleat gives you a tie off point for stern lines and bow lines on small craft. The StarPort gives the extra functionality of adding any RAILBLAZA accessory.



Bringing the Functionality of the CleatPort to your PVC or Hypalon Inflatable boat.

It’s a simple idea, but very effective. Now your cleat can hold your fishing rod, mobile phone, drink, navilight, or anything else that a RAILBLAZA accessory can hold.

The Cleat gives you a tie off point for stern lines and bow lines on small craft. The StarPort gives the extra functionality of adding any RAILBLAZA accessory.

The CleatPort RIBmount is now supplied with the new 3M VHB pad that allows you to peel and stick the CleatPort RIBmount, then fit any of your favorite RAILBLAZA accessories.


RAILBLAZA Cupclam Drink Holder

This can be mounted in either horizontally or vertically-mounted StarPorts, to hold mugs, stubbies, wine glasses, even wine bottles. The extendable fingers hold the taller items in place, yet everything collapses into a convenient flatpack for storage.

If you can’t hold your drink, the RAILBLAZA CupClam will.



A base for fitting  accessories to RIB’s & Inflatable boats.


Now you can fit accessories like rod holders, bait boards, fish finders and more to RIB or Inflatable boats, SUPs and kayaks without hassle or messy glues. The new 3M VHB pad allows you to peel and stick the RIBPort mount, then fit any of your favorite RAILBLAZA accessories. The 3M VHB is now supplied with every RIBPort pack.


You no longer need a specialized outfitter, or to work with messy glues to install accessories to your RIB or Inflatable, with the RIBPort VHB pad you can install in the comfort of  your own garage.


The RIBPort can also be attached using the same glues as used to attach handles etc to RIBs and inflatables.


Available in grey, black or white.



The Rod Holder II is robust, versatile, and value for money, it will hold your rod, you choose which position.

  • Rotating collar helps reduce ‘strike-theft’

  • Rear gimble lock reduces rod rotation for compatible rods; lift to slide rods through

  • Fully adjustable 360° around, over 90° vertical

  • Easy access to reel when in position

  • Square-tooth adjustable tilt stops rotational slipping.

The Rod Holder II is available either as a kit complete with a StarPort, or as a Rod Holder by itself.

For spinning reels, bait casting reels, boat reels, fly reels. Allows you to fit your Rod Holder to any StarPort, SidePort, RailMount or RIBPort.

A boat fitted with all accessories in a warehouse

Other Popular Accessories for Inflatable Boats

  • Bravo "BST-BT800" 12v Electric Pump

  • Carver Universal Inflatable Boat Covers

  • Davis "#1482" or"1483" Launching Wheels

  • Jif Folding Boat Ladder

  • RAILBLAZA Rod holder, cup holder, universal mounts

  • Aurora line of cleaning products

You can find all these accessories and more at Auto Marine Specialities. Contact us today for more information.

All Accessories at One Place

Auto Marine Specialities is your go-to place for high-quality marine accessories in Calgary.

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