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Torqeedo Electric Motors

Get Your Hands on Sustainable Electric Motors in Calgary

Auto Marine Specialities is the authorized dealer of Torqeedo electric motors in Calgary and surrounding areas. We are authorized for all their products. The Torqeedo electric motors are quick, quiet and pollution-free. These qualities make the motors fit for fishing. The Cruise and Travel series offer up to 25 electric horsepower. That means one motor is enough to efficiently power fishing boats up to 12 tons. Torqeedo also offers an Ultralight series from 1 to 3 horsepower which is perfect for Kayak-fishing. The different products include:

Ulrtralight: for kayaks canoes & very light boats

Ultralight: for kayaks canoes & very light boats

Travel for tenders, dighies & daysailes upto 1.5t

Travel for tenders, dinghies & daysails up to 1.5t

Cruise for motors and sailboats up to 12 tons

Cruise for motors and sailboats up to 12 tons

Why are Torqeedo Motors the Best-Selling Outboards?

Here are a few features of the Torqeedo electric outboards that make them the most ideal fit:

  • The overall efficiency of the electric outboard drive is optimized in every detail. This feature is often ignored by many manufacturers since overall efficiency is less important for combustion engines. But electric board systems need to focus on overall efficiency to make an efficient system. The overall efficiency is reached in Torqeedo motors by minimizing losses in the propeller, gears, motor, electronics and cables while taking into account the interaction e.g. between the motor and propeller.

  • The Torqeedo motors use lithium battery technology for the electric outboard motor for enhanced performance and safety.

  • Torqeedo motors make it easy to switch to alternative sustainable boats. All the components seamlessly interact with each other, making it easy for the customer to use the system. The entire system comes with a smartphone app, spare batteries, tiller extensions, transport bags and a whole lot more.

  • You get to use a pollution-free system. Since it is an electric motor, you do not have to worry about water pollution with exhaust gases, oil or petrol. Torqeedo motors are also superior to combustion motors in a wheel-to-wheel comparison with regard to their carbon footprint.

Sustainable Resources for Your Boat

The electric motors by Torqeedo are perfect for people looking for a pollution-free alternative.

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