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Stryker Boats - The Outdoorsman’s Dream Boats for Fishing and Hunting - in Calgary

INTRODUCING THE NEW INFLATABLE FLOOR TUNNEL JET MODEL  available in 4.2 and 4.7 meter sizes.

Now on our showroom floor.

Auto Marine Specialities is an authorized dealer of Stryker boats in Calgary and surrounding areas. We offer a wide range of Stryker boats and accessories to help you enjoy the sea life comfortably and in style. Stryker has many different series to suit all needs and budgets. We have listed the products on our page, please scroll through the various products and contact us to get information about the boats you love the most. Here is the list of Stryker boats available at Auto Marine Specialities:


Stryker LX Series

Stryker LX 250 (8’ 2”) Inflatable Boat

This is a soft bottom inflatable boat perfect for 4 people. The Stryker LX 250 can be used as a yacht to explore the calm bays. The boat comes with the signature Stryker Shield® hull protection which is an 8” wide corrugated rubber strip to protect the bottom of the tubes and keel. Constructed with the highest grade imported German Mehler PVC, the boat is highly strong and durable. Every boat comes with:

  • Foot pump (hand pump for air mats)

  • Bow bag

  • Seat bag

  • Repair kit

  • 1 aluminum bench seat

  • Boat bag

  • Floor bag (for aluminum floor models only)

  • Aluminum oars



  • Overall length: 250cm or 8′ 2″

  • Inside length: 160cm or 5′ 2″

  • Overall width: 145cm or 4′ 7″

  • Inside width: 64cm or 2′ 1″

  • Shipping weight: air floor- 101 lbs, aluminum floor 122  lbs

  • Tube diameter: 36 cm or 1′ 2″

  • # of air chambers: 4

  • PVC thickness: 1.2mm & .9mm

  • Dimensions of boat in bag: 43 x 22 x 10″

  • Boat only weight: 82 lbs

  • Dimensions of aluminum floor in bag: 35 x 24 x 4″

  • Aluminum floor only weight: 30 lbs

  • Airmat floor only weight: 9 lbs


  • Max load: 375kg or 827lbs

  • Max # people: 4

  • Max motor: 6 HP

  • Max motor weight: 52.3kg or 115lbs

  • Transom height: 15”

  • Max tube pressure: 3.6 psi


  • Entirely thermowelded seams

  • Aluminum Transom

  • 1.2mm underbelly

  • 1.2mm protective seat patches

  • Stryker Shield™ keel strake

  • Stryker Shield™ under tubes

  • 5 x Scotty mount pads

  • Anti over-inflation safety valve

  • Reinforced tube to transom

  • Complete peripheral life line

  • Exterior water redirecting strake

  • D handle @ bow

  • Tow rope

  • 2 tow rings

  • Oar locks

  • Oar holders

  • one way drain valve

  • 4 carry handles

  • 6 interior d rings

  • Aluminum engine mounting plate

  • Gas tank pad & belt

  • Bimini mounts & D-rings

Stryker HD Series

Stryker Pro Series

Stryker Rigid Boats


We also offer all Stryker accessories like:

  • Bags

  • Consoles

  • Parts

  • Pumps

  • Scotty

  • Seats

  • Trailer Wheels

  • And more

Complete Range of Stryker Boats

We are your reliable source in Calgary when you want to buy a Stryer boat for water sports.

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