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Special forces men in camouflage uniforms paddling army kayak

Zodiac Milpro

Warranty Center for Zodiac Milpro Inflatable Boats in Calgary

Auto Marine Specialities is an authorized warranty center for all Zodiac Milpro inflatable boats in Calgary and surrounding areas. We are your reliable Zodiac Milpro dealer in the area offering a range of Zodiac Milpro products for all marine enthusiasts. The Zodiac Milpro boats are mainly for military purposes and rescue operations therefore we rarely sell these products. Zodiac Milpro is an innovative group that is continuously working on developing new technologies to overcome complex and challenging problems. The Zodiac Milpro boats are used by:

  • Coast guard and customs

  • Law enforcement

  • Search and rescue

  • Ecotourism


We offer the following products upon request:

  • Military inflatable boats

  • Inflatable rescue boats

  • Inflatable work boats


Boats for Military Use

We are associated with Zodiac Milpro; they offer inflatable boats for rescue operations.

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