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Aerial photo of small inflatable speed boat

Inflatable Boats

Lightweight Inflatable Boats in Calgary

Inflatable boats are widely used for recreational purposes. These type of boats are lightweight and can be conveniently transported from one place to another. Their weight and flexibility is suitable for short-distance maneuvering, making them a popular choice in water-based sports activities. Auto Marine Specialties offers different types of inflatable boats in Calgary and surrounding areas. Here is a list of a few brands that are available at Auto Marine Specialities:

A few people loading the Zodiac Cadets in a boat

Recreational & Professional Marine Solutions

Rubber inflatable boats for fishing in sport store

Buying a Boat Need Not Be Expensive

Empty inflatable boat with motor

Discover the Boating World with Quicksilver

Red inflatable rubber boat with a motor

Get the Right Boat for Your Needs

A military rescue team on a boat

Boats for Military and Rescue Operations

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